Should I Wear U Tip Hair Extensions

If you are a fan of hair beauty, I am afraid you could not present enough shining of hair appearance without the help of hair extensions, a quite common beauty piece to make up your hair daily. It has been regularly used by either many celebrities or just normal neighborhood next to you. Hair extensions are a perfect alternative to add hair volume and get the extra length for overall hair appearance. To get proper extensions to your own hair, you have to know what type of hair extensions best suit for your hair. In terms of how to attach, hair extensions can be classified into the clip in, tape in and pre-bonded.

nail tip hair extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are actually tipped by use of keratin. Actually, keratin is a fiber protein that can be found in your own hair as well. So, you have no worry any damage to your own natural hair using keratin tip. Using hot fusion tool, the keratin tip can be melted down and shaped. While it is cool down, the keratin can be harder and connected with your own hair. Based on the keratin tipped shape, pre bonded extensions can have U tip or nail tip and I tip hair or stick the tip in the line.

U tip hair extensions are long term solution with a few months wearing. However, attaching u tip extensions require some professional assistance, as you could not do it alone without special tool and skills at home.  Although it costs much in the hair salon, a professional hair stylist there can also share some hair style experience especially for you during u tip attaching.

I am intending to make a detailed how to attach tutorial that is classified into 7 steps and will be published in my following post. Please stay with me and update you as soon as possible.

Some disadvantages of u tip hair extensions are it is not a home DIY method, but have to get assistance from hair salon stylist. Obviously, a cost for wearing U tip extension is much higher than others. It is also reported that wearing u tip hair extension can cause scalp irritation. You can consult your hair stylist for special advice prior to wearing U tip.

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