Tips for Cleaning Jewelries

If you have luxury jewelries, a regular professional jewelry cleaning is essential. Jewelry cleaning is a process that keeps your luxury items gorgeous shining and allowed for earliest detection on any potential damage. However, if you lack of knowledge and skills of how to clean jewels, improper cleaning might devalue your jewelries.

Depending on what types of jewelry you have, you can apply different clean method accordingly.

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Some valuable jewelries, like diamond, gemstones, pearl etc, should be cleaned in a soft and slow way, so as to best protect its original value. You can put these jewelries in a warm and soapy water and soak for couples of minutes. Then use a soft and non metallic brush to gently scrub away any dirt and grime. Some stones and pearls are very soft, so please do not scrub too hard, otherwise, it might damage its soft skin. While cleaning jewelry, please avoid any sink tank as small jewelry pieces might be flushed away into water pipeline. You should also be careful of what type of solution used in water, as some chemical solution might result damage to your jewelries. You can get professional advice from local jewels shops and do online research on what solution suitable for your specific type of jewelry cleaning.

Another popular way of jewelry cleaning is with ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, a cleaning machine by use of sound wave created in the water. This type of machine is powered by electricity which creates thousands of little water bubble in the water, once these water bubbles are enlarged enough to get broken, it can release powerful force to blow away any grime on the jewelries. Sonic wave jewelry cleaners are so efficient as to completely clean your a hand of jewelries pieces in just a short time.  However, due to its powerful cleaning circle, some luxury and soft jewelries are not suggested to get cleaning in this way. You should always consult your local jewelers or have confidence before using ultrasonic cleaners.

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